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09.16.06 - Ashbringer Axen!

Congratulations to Axen for receiving the world first Ashbringer. And no, the kill order does not matter.

Click for screenshot.

Upon zoning into Scarlet Monastary Cathedral:

Some cool cinematics take place (FRAPs to come in the near future), and Axen was able to talk to High Inquisitor Fairbanks, who had the following to say: for a torrent of the video of the cinematics within Scarlet Monastary. And I'm sorry, but we're unable to do a direct download this time, as it's a bit rough on bandwidth. :/


09.09.06 - Atiesh

Well, first off, Atiesh has been completed, which is probably why you're here. The quest is pretty straight forward. The location to cleanse Atiesh is nothing special (it's a little green flame on the floor in Stratholme). I'm not going to comment on the boss himself for now - just to let a few other people experience the fight first. It isn't really too hard, though. Anyway, feel free to drop by our forums if you have any questions. The cooldown on the Karazhan portal is 1 minute. And finally, a big thanks to everyone in Risen, for clearing through Naxxramas, and especially for picking me to be the one to receive this.

Atiesh 5man encounter video, from our MT's (Kameril) perspective:
For BitTorrent :
For Direct Download :

And a note from Eclipse: Recruitment to Risen is now closed. I apologize for all the slow responses in the last few weeks, real life has kept me away from WoW and I have not gotten around to replying to the many applications individually. Thankyou for the many emails we recieved.


09.08.06 - Kel'Thuzad Down

World 2nd, US first. No world-buff consumable cheese.

Click for killshot.

Oh yea, 'grats to Clout, one of our "recent" transfer apps, for the world first Kingsfall! :)


09.03.06 - Sapphiron Down

World 2nd. Screenshot will be up in a short bit. Loot was tank trinket and caster dps cloak. And as a side note, our main tank (Kameril) has an unhealthy infatuation with dragon dicks.

Click for killshot.

Click for Dragon Penis.

P.S. I'm a huge noob, and decided to walk from safety, straight into a Deep Breath. I also happen to be the only person that died before Sapphiron did. So grats me! :)


09.01.06 - Recruitment

We are opening recruitment for a select few classes. Before applying, realize we want people that have the ability to raid every night, and are willing to wipe, a lot. You also need to be good, able to follow directions, and able and willing to communcate via ventrilo. We are also not accepting undergeared applicants at this point in time. Tier 3 and Frost Resist gear are a plus. Now then, we are currently seeking 1 warrior, and 1-2 paladins. Send an email to if you are interested, please include any pertinent information including a ctprofiles link.


08.31.06 - Horsemen Down

Four horsemen down, 5th worldwide, 3rd US. Not too bad. And 4pc Dreadnaught is kinda overrated, we had I believe 3 warriors only with it. WTB Runes for Sapphiron, PST! Oh yea, and 34 splinters only still, we have some pretty awful luck. Grats Kameril on 8/9 Dreadnaught and Neail on 8/9 Faith.



08.12.06 - Recruitment

We are currently not looking for any 'specific' dps class. However we do welcome apps from all dps classes. If you feel you are an exceptional player with high end raiding gear and experience please contact Eclipse ingame or send me a private pm on the forums. Please make sure you meet and address the following;
~Exceptional raiding gear, T3 pieces are a bonus, Please include in your application an explanation of why you wear the gear setup you do and if it varies.
~Exceptional raiding experience. A brief veiw of the encounters you have completed/worked on with your previous guild. Naxx experience is a must.
~Exceptional knowledge of your class. Explain why you spec the way you do, how it is important in a raid and what your classes roll is in a raid.
~Easy to contact. Please provide information that makes it easy for me to contact you. (or atleast check your mail everyday)


08.11.06 - Update

Well, they weren't really worth news updates, in my opinion, but we have actually killed Thaddius, Gothik, and Loatheb over the past few weeks. So yes, we are working on the horsemen (somewhat), and do have 3 wings clear. For anyone who cares, we're currently at 28 splinters. Okay, now that that's out of the way, here's a funny occurance that happened:
First off, I'm sure everyone (or most people) that are in Naxxramas have been annoyed by the 4 horsemen yelling the entire time you're in there. They are especially annoying when you're wiping at 1am on a new encounter. Anyway, just to remind you about one yell in particular:

So on the very first time we engaged the horsemen, I decided to suicide solo to check their aggro radius. Well, here's what happened:

The irony is pretty crazy. Oh well, sorry if you don't find it humorous. ;p


07.09.06 - Gluth Down

Killed Gluth, fully legit...not really worth posting I guess, but oh well. Thaddius seems cool, but seems pretty easy also. Too many different bosses to do!

click for Gluth screenshot


07.03.06 - Heigan Cleaned

Sorry for the title, I was forced into it. Anyway, time on Heigan (while other guilds killed other crap/followed DnT's path) finally paid off, with is what I believe the world first Heigan kill. I gotta say, I think he's the most fun fight I've done to date, though a huge pain in the ass at the same time.

click for Heigan screenshot


07.03.06 - Recruitment Closed

Thank you for the many, many, applications we have recieved in the last 2 weeks. I am sorry for the time it took to go through them and make final decisions. Recruitment is now closed.


06.30.06 - Abom wing..

Went into the Abom wing finally...Patchwerk and Grobbulus dead...not much else to say really. To all the guilds who say there's no gimmick on Patchwerk, shove it. It takes a bit to learn how Hateful Strike works, and you need to know how it works to have a smooth kill IMO. Then again, all those videos seem to be losing tanks, we don't, *shrug*. As for DPS, it's not bad, we had a rogue mainhanding a heartseeker. To all the people who have been inquiring about cross-server applications - yes we are accepting them, and tomorrow I will try to get an update up with specific information for you. Please be patient, we were kinda caught unaware by these, and we've been busy in Naxxramas besides. And as a footnote, I think non-linear design is kinda annoying.

click for Patchwerk screenshot

click for Grobbulus screenshot


06.25.06 - First Wing Done

Maexxna down. Easier than Faerlina without a doubt. Only had 3 deaths I believe, and 2 were after Maexxna dropped. Got a Wraith Blade, pretty nice drop! :p Will post some pics later.

(click for a really gimp screenshot)


06.25.06 - Recruiting Rogues!- And others!

Risen is currently recruiting two new rogues. If you think you're the kind of rogue that fits into all of the following categories please apply through our Application Forums or contact Eclipse in game. Rogue recruits must qualify for the following;
- Well geared. We are not doing MC/BWL at this time so it is important new Applicants come to us with already established raiding gear. This includes the best enchants and resist gear possible.
- The ability to raid long hours. With Naxx still new we are putting in *alot* of raiding hours. This may mean anywhere from 6.30pm cst - 1am, 7 nights a week. However we understand people work etc (please include this information in your application)
- Patience towards new and challenging content. Be prepared to wipe a few times and spend a bit of gold on repairs ;)
- Extensive knowledge about your class and a good understanding of how high end raids work. Currently not taking on any Applicants at this stage who have never set foot inside of MC.
***NOTE*** Edit: 06/29/06 We are now taking apps from Mages, Warlocks, DPS Warriors (who can tank) and Paladins. If you are sending an app from another server please include your previous server and guild.


06.23.06 - Faerlina Down

Went in and killed Faerlina today...unfortunately we're now a day behind all the other endgame guilds on other servers because our server was down all day yesterday...she was a decent fight I guess. At least she dropped her stupid Atiesh shard. 2/5 now!

Click for Faerlina screenshot!


06.21.06 - PTR Down (along with Anub, Noth, and Razuvious)...

So the public test realms were taken down the other day, and the patch was moved to the "Live Test Realms". One of these realms was Alleria. Though we managed to drop 3 bosses in the past 2 days (Anub'Rekhan twice, Noth once, and Instructor Razuvious once), this patch is still littered with bugs. During the first day of Naxxramas, after killing Anub'Rekhan about 4 times (will explain in a bit), all the instances reset across all the realms. No clue why, I won't complain too much about free loot I guess, but umm, why? On Anub'Rekhan himself, a bug that we reported multiple times during the PTR was not fixed - specifically, he impales people and knocks them into the air. If the main tank is sent flying, and Anub'Rekhan attempts to swing at the MT when he is at the peak of his flight, he will evade and heal a good 50% of his hit points. It gets very old, though the fight is easy enough, so not a big deal I guess. Also, most times when the tank gets thrown, he won't actually evade, but the times he does, it just sucks. Razuvious and Noth are both pretty simple fights. The chance for bad luck to cause a wipe on Razuvious is quite annoying, but oh well. Back to the other numerous bugs - logging back on instantly after a disconnect is apprently broken (I was really looking forward to this feature). Somehow, I hear Skeram, Yauj, and Ouro all got random bugs (buffs?), will verify those later in the week when we bother with AQ40. All-in-all though, I really expected slightly better. Oh, and farming 1200 awful drops to get enchants for endgame gear is great fun too. Hey, at least the gates open inside Naxxramas! The following picture is what we have to thank all our Naxxramas kills so far for. If we weren't seriously using great items like this in our raids, who knows what we'd do! But I hear all the raiding guilds have great retention rates these least the gate in Naxxramas opens I guess.

P.S. - 1 Atiesh splinter out of 4 kills sucks.


05.26.06 - Anub'Rekhan down, legit
We managed to drop Anub'Rekhan today with no assistance (including rezzes/buffs) from the GMs. Thanks to [Illumination] and [Conquest] for assistance in filling out our raid. So far, I'd say both encounters we have beaten are without a doubt easier than the Twin Emperors, though who's to say if they will remain in their current forms on live. I think the fights both take minimal amounts of execution, and a lot can go wrong without destroying the raid. Some other encounters we have messed around with are so overpowering, they feel like old C'thun phase2 or Ouro. Of course, this is acceptable on a test server. Anub'Rekhan drops the bracer part for the tier 3 armor quests.

Now, for some useful information people may want, on the Dreamwalker (Druid T3) 2 piece set bonus. The effect gives a chance to restore 2 rage, 8 energy, or 60 mana on rejuvenation ticks. It seems to proc on about 25% of the ticks (average seems to be 1 tick of energy/rage/mana per rejuvenation). It also seems to proc normally on rank1 rejuvenation (though I think it's hardly worth spamming for the effect). Not entirely sure how useful the bonus is, but it definitely adds something to the raid. :)

Finally, the nerf to Razuvious was unnecessary in my opinion. Some tweaks were needed to remove the Death Touch on priests from MC aggro, but it seems to be a bit overboard. We went back and fought him a 2nd time, he died even though we made error after error after error. He will likely be the first boss almost every guild drops when the patch goes live if left in his current form.

(Click here for screenshot)


05.22.06 - Instructor Razuvious down
A raid primarily composed of [Risen] and [Immortality] dropped Instructor Razuvious today. Click below for a link to the killshot/loot. The purple item was the t3 piece required for the shoulders for some various classes. The legendary is 1 shard of the legendary staff.

(Click here for screenshot)